5 Amazing AI tools for daily uses

5 Amazing AI tools for daily uses

Today we are going to see amazing AI tool which will help us daily for our creative works.

In this new era, we are already hearing that AI cannot only do a simple repetitive task but also can be leveraged to accomplish a complex task.

AI for Video editing

So, the first tool is related to video editing because today video editing is so much in demand as people are consuming lot of video content rather than a textual content. There is a tool called gap cut pro which is so amazing that there are lot of features which are AI based like you can remove background from your video or you can add new background to your video without Croma screen.

Tool Name: CapCut

AI chat model

Its universally true that everybody on this planet who are using computer daily have not opened Google Chrome throughout the day. we all somehow being dependent on Google Chrome to simplify our daily work. But now there are chances that we can get a new alternative to this as Open AI launched ChatGPT. Here you have to give some instruction to the tool, and you get a good response from these tool.

Tool Name: ChatGPT

AI object removal from photos

If you have been a designer in your career, then you know that removing a background from an image is a kind of a task we must daily go through. Sometimes things are quite easy and some time its quite complex to make our selection hence it becomes bit tedious job to do. but not anymore as we have lot of AI related tools which does this job in a more precise manner.

Tool Name: cleanup.pictures

AI voice modulator

There are lot of people who are not very much good with their pronunciation or balancing of voice, so they use some modulator. but now it’s quite easy to get help from AI voice modulator tool which will automatically change your voice into real time while you’re making any video and audio recordings.


AI Data Analysis

Data analysis now becomes the backbone of any online business today. All businesses make their crucial decisions based on the data they have so data analysis becomes a key part here. You might have heard that content is a king. it basically means that data is the ultimate King. We might have already you use sum of AI related tools such as Microsoft Excel. There is already a feature as analyse Data and when you click on it will give you some functionality to analyse the overall data.

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