Digital detox: a need of the timing

Constantly staring at screens all day can harm your eyes and also cause mental and physical strain. To distance yourself from these effects, you need a digital detox. Time is the most precious thing in your life, but it’s something you can’t share with your loved ones because nowadays, digital technology has such a grip on us that we struggle to break free.

Most of our day is spent using some form of digital device. Whether it’s working on a computer or laptop in the office, or scrolling through our smartphones even after work hours, we’re always connected. While your job may pay well for using digital devices, remember, once health deteriorates, it’s not easy to regain it. It’s time to take the help of a digital detox to distance yourself from smartphones.

Take Short Breaks During Work

Try to switch your phone or tablet to airplane mode or keep it in another room when you’re with loved ones. This way, you can stay away from your phone for a few hours, and later check it to make sure you haven’t missed any important messages or notifications.

When you feel the need to detach from your phone, turn off your phone notifications so you’re not distracted by constant pings. When your phone doesn’t keep buzzing, you’ll feel less mentally stressed and more at ease.

If you have the habit of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, try to break that habit by keeping your phone in another room before bedtime. Instead of using your phone as an alarm, consider getting an alarm clock. This way, you won’t have to keep your phone next to you while sleeping.

Just like you take a mid-day lunch break at work, take short breaks during the day while working. Shut down your system for a while and put your phone on do not disturb mode. Take a short walk outside during these breaks. You can also use this time to chat with friends.

Set aside a specific time in your day that’s just for you. During this time, make it a tech-free zone. Decide that you won’t use any digital devices during this time. You can spend this time outdoors in a park, take a relaxing bath, or listen to music on a Bluetooth speaker.”

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