Why do 99% of digital marketing campaign fails to get intended result?

Why do 99% of digital marketing campaign fails to get intended result?

The word “digital marketing” is fairly wide and encompasses many different things. The majority of people either believe that mastering one skill is sufficient or acquire multiple skills without realizing how to combine them to create a winning plan.

Let’s use an illustration You may first learn how to make a website, but that is not sufficient on its own. because in order to comprehend your audience or potential clients, market research is necessary. Only then will you be able to use your website, which they adore, to effectively interact with your customers.


The next stage after website creation is to drive traffic to your site by making an appearance in search engine results. Here’s another idea in digital marketing: SEO, or search engine optimization. When a customer searches for a specific keyword, it causes a website to show up in search results. However, the majority of people will still not have enough faith in you to hire you or buy from you. This further demonstrates that it is not a comprehensive marketing strategy.

It’s not about been seen, its about seen by the right people.


In order to give your visitors the impression of a one-on-one conversation, you must establish a sort of relationship. Therefore, in order to consistently contact your visitors and establish confidence, you need an email list. And this is referred to as email marketing, a potential tactic that aids in gathering visitor data.

A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.

Email Marketing

Therefore, obtaining data at every stage of your marketing campaign ensures that no detail is left to chance in a well-designed plan. Recognizing what is and isn’t effective is helpful. Herein lie the roles of analytics tools, which simplify data analysis and enable optimal decision-making.

Data really powers everything that we do.


Because none of the abilities will get you the desired outcome, this is the reason that developing a marketing plan comes first in any learning process.

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